Hatsune Miku "MAGICALMIRAI2013"

2013/08/30 (fri) in Yokohama Arena

´MAJI´/serious concert pertaining to the culture and the ´MIRAI´/future of Hatsune Miku.
"Everything you wanted to know about Hatsune Miku"! A one day participatory cultural event!


The venue will be divided into three areas within the Yokohama Arena!
"MAJI(=serious)"Area, "CAL(=Culture)"Area, "MIRAI(=Future)"Area

mapmapThere may be a slight change to the layout of the event.

MAJI(serious) Area : Hatusne Miku Concert
[Main Arena]

(Evening Concert)
OPEN 17:30 / Showtime 19:30
U-18 priority (Daytime Concert)
OPEN 12:30 / Showtime 13:30 / Curtain 15:00 Planned

August 31st will be Hatsune Miku´s 6th anniversary. The eve stage will be held the day before the her birthday, which is the largest and most spectacular stage ever. It will be your summer´s No.1 "MAJI" (serious) stage!

CUL(Culture)Area: Hatsune Miku gallery&workshop
[Community space(1F)]

OPEN 10:00 / Last Admission 22:00 / Finish 22:30

Hatsune Miku's history and exhibition by various creators in addition to a workshop everyone can participate in.

MIRAI(Future) Area : Hatsune Miku goods&exhibitor booth
[Centennial Hall(2F)]

OPEN 10:00 / Last Admission 22:00 / Finish 22:30

Exhibition Space and Hatsune Miku Goods are available! Don´t miss Original MAGICAL MIRAI Event goods!

Extra Zone
[Parking Lot]

Includes exhibitions of GSR Hatsune Miku BMW, food, and lounge for your to get some rest.

[Good Smile Racing]
Enjoy exhibition of "GSR Hatusne Miku BMW" and electric motorcycle "TTZero13". Three girls of Racing Miku Supporters will be there too!

[Japan Red Cross [Kanto-Koshinetsu Region]blood donation]
Blood donation helps lives. Donation is accepted until evening.

[Food/Catering spot]
Feeling hungry? Visit Food spot and get some food!

[Resting Lounge]
A resting place for you to get some rest.